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The message behind the entire platform is gratitude and appreciation for the folks who who live/work in tourism-dense areas; those who work tremendously hard to cater to the high demand of operating in a tourism economy.

This includes our service industry, vacation rental services, tours, beach services, and all associated businesses who thrive because of the tourism locally. While those restaurants/bars/businesses are correct to cater to the higher paying/longer waiting clientele that fuel the economy; our local population is a valued and protected customer base that could produce much higher returns throughout the year with the right incentive to get out, hang out, drink out, eat out.

The Thirsty Local seeks to unite the local appreciation benefits onto one, easy-to-use platform throughout our local food and drink scene with plenty of things to do as well, and the response so far has been tremendously positive in regard to "answering a demand as far as locals go" on the macro level. By being separate from any individual venue, we can work with all and encourage collaboration over competition. By expanding we generate even more value for our partner businesses and individuals alike by 

Busser to Billionaire; The Thirsty Local has the same simple appeal: "Hey we appreciate you fighting through this crowd to be here. Here's something from us." to "Hey thank you for that something. I will continue to fight through this crowd to be here." Small, simple showing of appreciation can drive relationship building between businesses and individuals by creating the positive momentum/introduction needed to establish that rapport.