How It Works

One Membership for Local Appreciation across the Emerald Coast


There are two kinds of membership:

1. Business- For our restaurant partners, affiliates, and services who would like to join and offer a benefit to our individual members. Annual contract based on when the business signs up with a one-time fee.

2. Individual- Our people. The Individuals using the Club Card that comes with your Annual Thirsty Local Membership. Club card is valid until 12/31/2018 with current members receiving first right to pre-order the following year.


Once your membership is activated and your club card is in-hand feel free to use your membership for benefits in ALL of our areas of operation. Wherever we go/grow, you will be entitled to those benefits with a SINGLE MEMBERSHIP AND CLUB CARD. We will not sell different memberships for different areas, as we're looking to establish a community of locals in tourism economies wherever that opportunity arises!  


  • Treat each other right. Our message is based in gratitude and appreciation for each other; from the business to the individual.
  • One club card per customer. Please refrain from sharing your membership. While we understand families may go with a single membership, we encourage each member to use their club cards independently. The more the merrier!
  • Do not re-sell your club card. They hold no monetary value (just tons of value when used), expire annually with the New Year and each set comes in a pack that signifies it was shipped from The Thirsty Local to you. Your membership is only $45. Be cool.
  • Tell your friends. Plan trips. Visit new places. Use your membership wherever you can.